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Burgess & Bolton

A bit about us

Jez Burgess


Born in the midlands, I quickly escaped to Denmark (where I gained my blond hair) I then returned to Cardiff before spending my formative years in the north west


I’m the co-founder of The Insurance Network, mixer of jingles and addicted to silly sound effects.


On days off I follow orders from my family and enjoy misquoting film lines.

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Ben Bolton

I am MD of Gracechurch and for some reason I’ve ended up working in sectors where people generally earn a lot more than I do.


I try and convince myself I’m having more fun.  


I was born in Bolton but you’d never guess because I forced myself into becoming a soft Southerner by moving to Croydon aged seven.


Most days I ponder the inner meaning of stacked bar charts, brand positioning maps and verbatim comments…as well as talking earnestly to people who ‘work in insurance about insurance’. And I never wear ties now, except in this photo, which is from a while back. 

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